18 juin 2012


This is  me !

Marie, good friend of mine !

 Hey !

This is my first post on my blog ! I spent an entire day with one of my best friends, Marie, that's why I would like to share w// you some photos of "Opéra". We walked, we saw some musiciens who played jazz, it was fantastic :D 
Then, in front of "Opéra", there was an orchestra ! Just like that, in the street, I really love Paris.

 I was dressed very simply, a jacket from a thrift store, a t-shirt by H&M.
I have to tell you that you will see a lot..a lot..a lot..(Ok, stop) of photos of food because guess what like everyone I think, I love eating ..

You'll see some photos of my friends and sometimes their outfits !
There will be a lot of "inspiration's posts"(wishlist, models,designers, etc..)
I wish I will regularly post on this blog 

Stay tuned :) 

                                                     #Song of the Day

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