23 janv. 2014

All was about MENSWEAR !

As you already saw, Paris fashion week for menswear was crazy as hell. Two well-known Korean stars named G-Dragon and Taeyang were in Paris. As a result, it was "oppa" sound (big brother/boyfriend in Korean) here and there. I am also a fan of Korean music. Nevertheless, I would rather have a concert of them than, them coming in Paris, bringing Parisian saeseng (hard hard fan).
To not help it, Will Smith, Kanye West, A$AP ROCKY, and Kendrick Lamar were present. Sorry, I don't have photos of Kendrick Lamar.. this guy is kind of small and with his bodyguards around.. it can't be helped. 
Anyway, the next post will be about TILLMANN LAUTERBACH. Maybe you love/know/heard about this incredible designer. I attended to his show for menswear, and I was moved. Tears were coming, I'm not joking ! Of all the fashion shows *ok, it was 4 in 2 days!* I was present at, it was really the best.That's why I really want to talk about him and his last collection. 

Oh Chanel Haute Couture was ... the sneakers... all.. PERFECT. Margiela, I don't even want to talk about it. *I will!!*

That was my saturday's outfit !

long trench: Burberry Prorsum
pull: thrift store
skirt: handmade

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See you!


3 commentaires :

  1. Awesome outfit and super cool pics
    Amazing! :D


  2. j'adore cette tenue ! ton trench est sublime :)