30 oct. 2013

Anyway, smile !

Oyé Oyé ! 
Enfin des vacances bien mérités, mais aussi déjà bien entamés. Il commence à faire bien froid sur Paris.  Certains me diraient que c'est la saison des poètes solitaires, des intellectuels mal-aimés, et de la routine malheureuse du temps de pluie, du vent fort, et des nuages grisâtres. D'autres me diraient alors, que c'est la saison du possible renouveau *pourquoi attendre le printemps?*, les arbres perdent les feuilles, celles-ci meurent pour réapparaître plus vives, plus vertes encore; une saison de changement, car on réfléchit, on se souvient avec nostalgie des moments passés, des erreurs faites, alors on prends des résolutions. *qu'on ne tient souvent pas, d'où la monotonie*
 Je fais partie des  "des autres". L'automne est définitivement ma saison préférée. 
J'aime les couleurs de cette saison, cependant je ne fais pas partie des personnes qui ne portent que du rouge, du jaune, et du marron. 
Bref, malgré le froid, gardez le sourire ;)

Oye, Oye !
Finally some well-deserved holidays ! Paris is already bitterly cold . Some would say that it is the period of  solitary poets, badly loved intellectuals and the unfortunate routine of howling wind,
rainy weather and greyish clouds. Others then, would tell us, it's the season of a 'change-aiming' *why are you all waiting for Spring ?*, trees lose their leaves: they die out to reappear more brilliant and sharper. We are reminded of past mistakes, and all, with nostalgia thus, we are willing to take some resolutions *resolutions that we often don't keep hence the monotony*
As you can see, I'm among those "others". I'm fond of these colours' season but I'm not amongst those people who only wear yellow, brown, and red. 
Anyway, despite this cold, keep on smiling guyz ! 

trench coat/ H&M
shirt and pull/ thrift stop
jean/ H&M
creepers/ New Look


6 oct. 2013


As you all know, Paris Fashion Week is over ! Unfortunately, I had class thus I wasn't really able to take a lot of pictures guyz haha. The real big new is that I saw Pharrell Williams, yes, you did not misunderstand, PHARRELL WILLIAMS ! *fangirling* I also saw Lenny Kravitz, he's so nice ! *yes he's kind of my friend in my head* Well, it happened a few days ago already, yet, I'm still confused. There is a lot of Liu Wen's pictures below, but you know me.. *well if you don't, Liu Wen is one of my favourite models* ! I'm sure you know the coolest and nicest, blogger/editor Susanna Lau aka. Susie Bubble, you will see some pictures of her. She's really one of my biggest inspirations :) 
I know my text is kind of fragmented, but it reflects exactly, my state of mind right now haha *yes, because of Pharrell* 

Be prepared !

Day 1: 

Susanna Lau. aka Susie Bubble

Blogger after Guy Laroche's show
Editor of Ghubar magazine
Model Liu Wen

Day 2:

Photographer Nabile Quenum, JPVM "j'ai perdu ma veste/I lost my jacket"
her trench is perfect
Lenny Kravitz  !

Stay tuned :)