10 mai 2013

Fresh Start: Olivia Flies & Tweedledum

Hello !

It has been a long time !

Breaking news: Olivia flies does not fly alone anymore ! 

I would like to introduce you Tweedledum. We have found each other on Twitter and since, we have got along very well :) I asked him:" Why you wouldn't do this blog with me ? I really like his style, minimalist with a touch of extravagance. He replied:"Would be a honor". That is how we decided to collaborate. 

                                          PRESENTATION OF TWEEDLEDUM

What is your name ?
My name is Donald Clément.

Your last name ?

How old are you ?
I'm 18 Y-O.

Do you go to college or some other school ?
I'm a second-year in law school.

What do you like ?
I love fashion, photography, Japanese culture and good music.

What is your style ? What is Fashion for you ? 
My style is really casual with a small touch of extravagance. For me, fashion means a way of expression, a way of giving a message, saying who we are.

Do you have a motto ?
Don't follow the trends. You don't need to exaggerate "the desire of being original" because it can become ridiculous. Just wear what you want as long as you feel at ease inside.

 It is a really short presentation of Tweedledum. You will see more of him soon.

Stay tuned, Flyers.

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2 commentaires :

  1. such a nice outfit. You have a lovely style. I also like the blog a lot with the pictures and your sense of aesthetics :)

    xoxo Gozika

  2. great outfit!