6 oct. 2013


As you all know, Paris Fashion Week is over ! Unfortunately, I had class thus I wasn't really able to take a lot of pictures guyz haha. The real big new is that I saw Pharrell Williams, yes, you did not misunderstand, PHARRELL WILLIAMS ! *fangirling* I also saw Lenny Kravitz, he's so nice ! *yes he's kind of my friend in my head* Well, it happened a few days ago already, yet, I'm still confused. There is a lot of Liu Wen's pictures below, but you know me.. *well if you don't, Liu Wen is one of my favourite models* ! I'm sure you know the coolest and nicest, blogger/editor Susanna Lau aka. Susie Bubble, you will see some pictures of her. She's really one of my biggest inspirations :) 
I know my text is kind of fragmented, but it reflects exactly, my state of mind right now haha *yes, because of Pharrell* 

Be prepared !

Day 1: 

Susanna Lau. aka Susie Bubble

Blogger after Guy Laroche's show
Editor of Ghubar magazine
Model Liu Wen

Day 2:

Photographer Nabile Quenum, JPVM "j'ai perdu ma veste/I lost my jacket"
her trench is perfect
Lenny Kravitz  !

Stay tuned :)


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