14 sept. 2013

Autumnal Mood

Let's talk "fall".
There's nothing as lovely as a slightly cold and rainy weather. Everything seems to bear some sort of silent energy under the muted light of a gray day. Anyway, enough with the sappy blabbing. Let's get back to fashion.
According to me, the September - December period always entails some sort of a mood shift in colour association. With the cold gray weather and the rainy days I always either go safe with a soft combination of browns and grays and whites, or simply set for head-to-toe black. I think organic and "wooden" colours are the shit for this fall. You might also want to consider the trend for this year's fall: a mix of rock/chic style, with a hint of oversized apparel and dark colours.

With all the blabbing being done, I decided that the best look to represent what I call the "Autumnal Mood" is the head-to-toe black outfit. I chose to go basic because even though I like using accessories to "funky up" the outfit, I don't feel comfortable doing that on a black-over-black look.And besides, I didn't like the idea of wearing any colour with this awesome vintage woolen coat I got in a thrift store. You could consider replacing the black shirt with a dark gray V-neck or adding a scarf, or even replacing the boots (I have a fetish for those) with burgundy derbys. It's all up to ya, Fliers.

Coat - woolen, vintage, brandless, found in a thrift store.
Shirt - Cotton, H&M
Skinny jeans - Denim, 1969
Boots - Leather, Dr Martens

And you, what is your "Autumnal Mood" ?



2 commentaires :

  1. Anonyme9/14/2013

    Always original. That's my boo.

  2. Anonyme9/14/2013

    I love the look overall Donnie! But what about accessories? What kind of accessories would you advise with such a look? I wanna copy it lol