26 sept. 2013


I've never been a boubou-print fan. Like, ever. My style tends to be monochromic, with some accessories thrown here and there to funky up my outfits. Even though the boubou-print is culturally prominent in Cameroon, it is more of a "working-daddy" stuff than a fashionable trend likely to be adopted by youngsters like me. Being aware of the domination of "occidental trends" over the fashion scene here, I decided to go against the "standard" and try something different; something both far from my personal style and close to my culture.
How would I do that ? By trying boubou-print of course !


This boubou-print oversized blazer is a gift of my father's. He didn't wear it anymore, so I decided to steal it from him. It was a handmade blazer which is part denim, part cotton and part woven raffia. Its vivacious colours prevented me from using any acessory (because it'd be "too much" and look tacky, in my opinion) and inspired me to couple it with this black skinny jeans that I ripped myself (#TeamDIYBabieees !). I think the best way to wear a similar highly coloured oversized top is to pair it with a skinny dark-coloured jeans and dark or burgundy derbys, instead of going barefeet like me.
What do you think ?


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